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Onlinek-5tutorplan Offers Individualized Instruction 

Dr. Ingram assists students with reading in kindergarten through fifth grade. She especially has experience with helping third and fourth graders who have IEPs. Dr. Ingram also has experience collaborating with the general education teachers to ensure that the IEP meets the needs of students.

She uses scaffolding (adjust assistance as the student improves) activities and differentiating (tailor instruction) to meet the needs of the students and offers suggestions for making it easier to follow all of the goals written in the IEP. Another experience Dr. Ingram has was to regularly evaluate whether specific accommodations can be removed from the IEP at the following review and if the group should suggest new accommodations be added based on the goals of the student's IEP.
Reading/Spelling Programs Includes

• Continuous Assessment 

• Grade Level Reading Standards

• Activities/Games/Puzzles/ Quizzes

• Leveled Books/Passages

• Emphasis on Comprehension

• Child's Progress Available

Have Fun While Learning
Monitor Your Progress

Technology, Games, Activities

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