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Tedra Johnson

1st degree connection1st

Criminal Justice Instructor at WMHS

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Ms. Ingram was an amazing mentor. I'm glad I had the pleasure of working alongside as a paraprofessional while attending college. Ms. Ingram was not only a great teacher, but she was warm and welcoming, accessible, enthusiastic, and caring.

Since many of the students struggled with learning disabilities, she used differentiated instruction to cater to the individual needs of each student.

The students, although from many diverse backgrounds, all knew they could go to Ms. Ingram with any problems or concerns, school-related or non-school, and be heard, or even share a funny story. Ms. Ingram possessed good listening skills and took time out of her busy schedule for anyone who needed her. She is who I strived to model my teaching style after, and I must admit... it worked!

Wanda Hatcher  1st degree


Norfolk State University

United States 


Mrs. Ingram has always been an excellent educator who taught from the heart. She is an amazing teacher who made understanding easy. She made a huge impact on the students and truly cared about them. Mrs. Ingram Is the “BEST”. Love you Jean.

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