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Welcome Students

Online k-5 Tutor Plan is an online tutoring program that helps (k-5) students who are struggling to quickly catch up skills for reading (that were missed in kindergarten and first grade) by the end of third grade. Tutors assess students to determine which skills and activities will ensure that they make the most significant growth in a short amount of time. Students receive evidence-based practices, strategies, interventions, and skills such as phonics,  comprehension, phonological awareness, sight words, and other assessments as needed.

Students enjoy relevant games and activities that help them make intelligent choices, stay focused, and be motivated to continue in the program. Our main objective is to help struggling students read with improved accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

Why Did I Create "Catch Up To Your  Grade Level"? 

I am a retired elementary school teacher who worked for fifteen years with students who had Individual Education Plans (IEPs) due to missing some reading skills from kindergarten and first grade. They struggled to read because they were in second grade, but reading on the kindergarten level. To bring the students to grade level, I worked with students every day for thirty minutes to review skills and standards that supported reading phonics, fluency, language, comprehension, and sight words. Students also used other activities and interventions such as games and incentives to concentrate and stay focused on their studies. As a result of these strategies, most of the students were on grade level at the end of third grade. Help your child to reach grade level.  



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Research has shown that including games and puzzles will help students stay motivated and focused on their studies, so my online tutoring includes activities to help students replace those skills lost during the last two years. If your child appears to have lost or missed skills, please contact me because I can help your child catch up to grade level. Click the button below to schedule a







About Me

I wanted to be a teacher at six years old, so I started practicing with my six sisters and one brother. When I grew up and finished high school, I went to college and became an elementary teacher in Virginia. I left teaching for a while and went to work for the US Navy as an education specialist. I loved teaching adults, but I wanted to get back to elementary school, so I retired and moved to Florida, where I went back to teaching elementary school.

I taught students who struggled to read in Florida and had an IEP. This experience was a challenging and rewarding job because I had students on different grade levels. I provided extra work assignments as I tried to catch them up to their grade levels. They all progressed from the start of the year based on the beginning and ending test scores. After I retired, I decided to start a business focusing on helping students who struggled to read. Frustrated, I had no idea where to find programs that included strategies and activities needed until I read about an Online Tutor Coach, Joanne Kaminski.

I joined Joanne's program to learn all the new technology needed to enhance my teaching skills. When your child enrolls in my program, there will be less struggle with reading. The assessments will ensure that your child is monitored and shows the growth that your reader needs to reach the intended grade level.



I am a fun-loving person and enjoy working with children while building productive and engaging relationships. I enjoy teaching them the skills, knowledge, and standards needed to become successful readers, including fun activities that help to maintain their interests.


My hobbies include working on relevant activities and reading, especially topics that require research.  I also love to dance at least three times a week. Don't be surprised if you see me in your community or a parade. My group travels when invited. (See Below)

Click the button below to schedule a: 



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